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American Street Combat

Founded by Bill Miller NCOIC of Marine Corp Hand to Hand Combat in 1956 - this easy to learn street-lethal system will give you the military-proven tools for street survival.

Master Bill Miller - 9th Degree Black Belt

Michael Miller - 5th Degree Black Belt

Nick Mechling - 5th Degree Black Belt
Chris Mechling - 5th Degree Black Belt

Teachers of one of the fastest to learn and most effective close-quarters combat systems ever developed; the Mechling brothers along with Mike Miller are the top authorities on Bill Miller's Marine H2H Combat fighting system.

Originally developed as a method exclusively for the US Marine Corp this method is finding its place along with other foreign systems like Krav Maga as a preeminent method of street survival. The Mechling Brothers are fifth degree black belts in this system and were trained from the ground up in it by its founder Bill Miller.

Their instruction is given in a way that enables students to quickly lear how to defend themselves effectively against 1,2 or even 4 or 5 bad guys simultaneously. Recently featured in Black Belt magazine their instructional video series "American Street Combat: Survival Training" is now available to the general public.

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