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Kokusai Budokan - Karate

Karate is a powerful tool in the right hands.
History is only important if you want to have a future.

Before Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee, Gary Alexander was the first North American Martial Arts Champion. His dedication to excellence and realism in the martial arts is widely admired and respected.

Finding a way to develop a comprehensive background in a strong and practical method of self defense is not easy. Karate is not a soft style. But with effort and dilegent practice members of our dojo find that it is not difficult to defend oneself against an opponent but rather hardest to master ourselves.

Nicholas and Christopher Mechling are the kind of teachers that are hard to find. According to Gary Alexander they're "the good guys of the martial arts".

When you enter their school you will feel the sense of family and years of hard work. Training is rigorous and spirited. You will learn more than you expect.

Combat Isshin-Ryu Karate - Grandmaster Alexander

Wado-Ryu Karate - Shihan Otto Johnson

Euro Karate - Ty-Ga - Soke Gary Wasniewski - 10th Dan

Sensei Nick Mechling - 6th Degree Black Belt
Sensei Chris Mechling - 5th Degree Black Belt

As karate practitioners Nick and Chris Mechling have distinguished themselves as Black Belts under Grandmaster Gary Alexander (fifth degree black belts) and Shihan Otto Johnson (sixth and fifth degree black belts). They have fought in semi and full contact karate events for a combined thirty five years. They have won on a regional, state and international level and trained competitors to be champions on those levels.

As teachers they given people of all interests and background the opportunity to learn karate as a form of self defense and personal improvement. They have hosted and given seminars with and to some of the top teachers of world karate.

ISDC is the San Diego representitive of the International Association of Martial Arts. The Mechling Brothers have been inducted into the World Karate Union Hall of Fame. As a Euro Karate - Ty-Ga school they are linked to the World Karate Federation and Europeon Karate Union.

As lifetime karate practitioners with a wealth of teaching experience they are generous with their knowledge not holding back or slowing the students down. Nick and Chris have also produced new DVD sets "Combat Isshin-Ryu" and "Lightning Euro Karate " both of which will be available soon.

The San Diego Branch of:

The International Association of Martial Arts
Euro Karate - Ty-Ga - International
American Wado Ryu Federation International



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