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San Diego Muay Thai Kickboxing

We hope that you visit our school and see us in action! We can help you reach you goals. Muay Thai Kickboxing is one of the finest forms of exercise and self defense in the world.

Give yourself the chance to excel learning from the certified instructors at ISDC.

One of the most important aspects of any training program is the teachers. At ISDC, we have a twelve year history of training students in Muay Thai in the same location. The trainers are experienced practitioners who have trained with some of Thailand's best. Give yourself the chance to see how well you can learn this exciting discipline.

Muay Thai is the original international form of kickboxing. It is one of the worlds's finest methods of conditioning the body. Thai-boxers are reknown throughout the world for their athleticism. You will find that the forms of training are exciting and will not become bored from the practice.

Whether training for life benefits or self defense, you will gain flexibility, coordination, balance, strength and peace of mind.

ISDC - San Diego Muay Thai Kickboxing

Master Saeksan Janjira

Nick Mechling
Chris Mechling

Recognized even in Thailand, the Mechling brothers were some of the first Muay Thai teachers in San Diego- beginning to teach the art in 1992. Originally certified by Master V.Phon, the brothers are currently members of Team Janjira Muay Thai.

Having intensively trained in over twenty gyms in Thailand, their style and training techniques will prepare you for the ring, street, cage or just life. Nick and Chris have trained their students to a level where they are instantly recognizable as professional level fighters in Muay Thai.

Many have competed in Thailand and have distinguished themselves as true Thai-style boxers. Representing the USA on the King's birthday they have served the US Muay Thai community as ambassadors of "goodwill". They have led Muay Thai seminars inside and outside the United States and are well regarded within the Muay Thai community.C

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