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Welcome to the official website of the
Shaolin-Kempo-Karate Organization in San Diego.

The first San Diego Villari dojo was opened in the early 80's. Original continuing members still operate it! Our method of Shaolin Kempo Karate has become widespead over the last thirty five years. We consider it a great honor to be able to share the original combinations of movements that make SKK a dominant style in the United States. Our practice is a broad based method of martial arts that teaches self defense in a powerful easy to learn system.

Regardless if you enroll in group or private lessons you will find patient, qualified and engaging instructors who will motivate you to success.

Shaolin-Kempo-Karate - Grandmaster Fred Villari
Master Armen Heroian - 8th Degree Black Belt
Master Bryan Asch- 5th Degree Black Belt
Master Robert Pearlswig- 7th Degree Black Belt (1985-90)

Master Nick Mechling - 5th Degree Black Belt
Sensei Chris Mechling - 4th Degree Black Belt

Nick and Chris Mechling are members of Villari's Shaolin-Kempo-Karate System. Knowing the founder from childhood the brothers continue the first school they started in- "San Diego One". As fifth and fourth degree black belts they are master instructors and international champions of one of the world's largest martial arts organizations.

San Diego's only official Shaolin-Kempo-Karate school teaches all of the details, fighting techniques and principles that distinguish the style as one of the most diverse and combat ready martial arts styles. Linked with all the other SKK centers throughout the world the school is a part of the community giving members access to hundreds of school throughout North America.

The San Diego Branch of:

Shaolin-Kempo-Karate International
Our school is a recognized member of the

Fred Villari's Studios of Self Defense
Villari Self Defense Centers


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