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We encourage you to look around the site and familiarize yourself with some of the history and benefits of the Yang-style of Tai Chi, as well as come into the school and give yourself a chance to excel at one of the most difficult yet rewarding martial arts.

Both the teachers and the students have helped to create a school in which members can acquire all of the martial art's benefits. Please feel free to visit the school and participate in a class with other members .

Whether your interest is in gaining self-discipline, better health, self-defense skills, or you just want to have a good time learning, please know that at our school you will be welcome.

Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi is a martial art, as well as a form of moving meditation. It has many health benefits, including flexibility, improved circulation, strengthening of ligaments and relaxation. Tai Chi is a great means for people to improve their lives. Tai Chi is a martial art, and in time, practitioners can develop the ability to defend themselves.

This style is very popular for its health benefits. Many western doctors recommend Tai Chi as useful in curing various kinds of health difficulties. Along the way, practitioners develop agility, coordination and awareness. Combining martial arts techniques and meditation is what makes Tai Chi so effective.

Tai Chi Chuan at ISDC

Master M.C. Hsia

Instructors Chris and Nick Mechling

Practitioners and teachers of the popular Cheng Man Ching form of Tai Chi Chuan, the Mechling brothers give detailed instruction in the original form and its applications. Tai Chi has many benefits health, flexiblity and longevity.

The brothers are intent on preserving this important method of self improvement for future generations. They learned Tai-Chi from one of Master Cheng's original in-home students Master M.C. Hsia. Training over years they have refined their teaching style and now make it easy for anyone to learn this powerful life-giving tool.


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